WOD for 29 FEB 2016

0500 and 1130 at Fredericks Gym.

So for anyone who is interested there is a group of Crossfitters who beast out at 0500 at Fredericks. Let me know if you want to start going and I will let the coach know!

For the 1130 Crew

We are going to host open workout 16.1 for anyone who hasn’t done it yet or for those few who want to give it another go.

For everyone who did it Friday and felt like this car mt-pinatubo.jpgthat just narrowly avoided death and destruction and want no part of doing it again here do this instead:

Festivus Games Preparation:

1 Mile run at a solid pace (think 80-90%)

then wait 20 minutes and then

6 Min 1RM Thruster.

Use the twenty minute break to warm up thrusters.

Have a plan. If you have already done your 1RM thruster then start your first lift around 70% of your 1 RM and workup each minute or so to where you are hopefully adding 5 pounds or so to your 1 RM by the end of the 6 minutes.

We want to do a max of about 4 Thrusters to get your 1 RM. We don’t want you crushing out 8 or 10 in 6 minutes.

Either way make sure you submit your 16.1 scores if you haven’t already and prepare for 16.2 Friday!!!


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