WOD for 01 MAR

0500 and 1130 at Fredericks Gym.

The 0500 crew is doing Elizabeth! Have fun with that great benchmark wod!

1130 Crew

20 Cal Row Buy In


Deadlifts 185/135

Burpee Bar overs…wait a second…screw that!!!

HSPUs instead!!

600 meter run buy out (Where ever you are in the gym to the turn around point back to the gym will be roughly 600 meters.)



Develop some familiarity with Deadlifts as we don’t do them that often and mix that with a higher skill movement.

10 GFS:

DL-Power, Stamina

HSPUs-Coordination, balance, stamina





And Congrats to Whitney for squashing any thoughts off succession to her throne by smashing 16.1 with 223 reps.

image1 (2).JPGStraight Animal.


3 thoughts on “WOD for 01 MAR

  1. 10:20, found my gear for row (20 cal in 50 sec) and I was solid on the DLs but the HSPUs are still teasing me in the speed department. All in all great time.

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