WOD for 02 MAR 2016

0500 and 1130 at Fredericks Gym


So myself and a few other are going to be at a range. We may not make the 1130 time, in which case we will be beasting later in the day!



Anyone hear that noise? Wait, wait a second…that’s a train!!!





7xPush Press 115/75 (Note the push PRESS not a push jerk)

7x Front Squat 115/75

7x Chest to bar Pull Ups



Festivus Gamers (you lucked out today)

Do the first half of 25 to life (Pace it for 4 minutes)

25 wall ball 20/14#

25 Air squat

25 HR Pushups

25 Dus or (50) Sus

25 Am KBS 53/35#


wait 20 minutes and warm up thrusters


then EMOMx6

2xThrusters at 135/95 or 155/115. Your choice.

Technique is the focus here. Get a good setup and really feel the power coming out of the bottom and focus on starting your press at the full extension of your thrust.


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