WOD for 08 MAR 2016

0500 AND 1130 at Fredericks Gym

Ok so we have some pretty straight forwrd lifting on the program for today!

Starting with

5×5 for Back Squat at 225/155.

If this is too “light” remember that this is an open week. If it is too “heavy” scale as needed. The intent here is not to smash your legs to oblivion. But if 225 is a waste of time for you go ahead and ramp it up.




4 min AMRAP (its only 4 minutes guys)

5 pull ups


Intent: Build some grip.

———————-Festivus Gamers—————————

Prepare for Glory!

12,9,6,3—>Do each set unbroken. Rest as needed in between.

SDHP 115/75

Hang Cleans


This will probably take you a while if you do it unbroken so get in and get warming up.

Intent: Learn what you can and can’t do with this workout. The temptation will be to come out of the gate and hulk smash but you will die a terrible death quickly if you do that. The other intent is to figure out when you can hit the gas pedal on these. May be the very last set. We shall find out.

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