WOD for 09 MAR 2016

0500 and 1130 at Fredericks Gym


For the 1130 Crew:

Work up to a 1RM or Heavy (depending on how you feel) Squat clean


Work up to a 1RM Jerk (or heavy) off of boxes.

If we have any time left try and knock out a 1k row with your max pace for it.

Intent:Develop proper technique at higher weights as well as establish a 1RM for those of us that don’t know it.

10 GFS:




——————–Festivus Gamers————————–

So the following workout is calculated to lift roughly the same amount of weight with varying bar loads and reps. The intent is to determine which of the given weights can you perform the easiest for the same “total weight.”

Simplified: If you lift 100 pounds 10 times that equals 1,000 pounds. But if you lift 50 pounds 20 times it still equals 1,000 pounds. So of the two, which one takes less energy for you and is more sustainable over the course of the workout. That is the weight you should use for the Floater WOD during the festivus.


20 Cal buy in

10xBench Press at 135/75

rest as needed

20 Cal buy in

14xBench Press at 95/45

rest as needed

20 Cal buy in

10xBench Press at 155.95


if we still have time remaining

Do the floater WOD

In 3 minutes:

20 Cal row buy in


Max reps bench press for total weight (use the weight you felt like you could handle the longest from the above weights)


Post loads to comments!

One thought on “WOD for 09 MAR 2016

  1. Did 220 for a heavy clean. Missed 245 3 times. Guess 25 pounds was too much of a jump.
    Did 210 on the jerk was going to go heavier but ran out of time.

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