Update on 16.3

Great Job everyone on 16.3!!

It was a nice change of pace from the previous 2 soul crushers and it was nice to see everyone going 100+%.

The awesome Lisa Song made another video for us! I am not going to lie I was checking the website every 20 minutes to see if she had posted it and when she finally did I watched it 3 times back to back!

Here it is:


So on Saturday if you aren’t doing anything and want to watch some straight beasts do 16.3 head over to Crossfit Metanoia on Pamalee Drive in the A.M. timeframe and check them out. CF Metanoia is hosting 6 local CF gyms there for 16.3 and yours truly will be there judging!

Paul did awesome on this and so did Elise (Sp?) especially considering it was her first time out with us!

Hope everyone had fun and no worries for you sadist in the ranks, we will do it again on Monday. Whitney beat me by a few reps and this slight can not stand!!!


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