WOD for 14 MAR 2016

0500 and 1130 at Fredericks Gym


For the 1130 Crew:

For those of you out there that want to redo 16.3 we will be holding it again but for everyone else do this:


Floater WOD:

in 3 minutes

20 CAL row

then max total weight on Bench Press


Rest 20 minutes


In 8 minutes


SDHP 115/75 (Scale is 85/55)

Hang Cleans 115/75 (Scale is 85/55)

S2OH 115/75 (Scale is 85/55)

If you complete in time do bar over burpees for the remaining time.


Use the pacing and loads from last week on these workouts and knock them out at speed. Make sure you log your times and weights used so you can keep track of progress.

So this is probably seriously going to suck doing these this close together but during the day of the Festivus you are going to be smoked going into the later workouts so we need to somewhat be able to anticipate what your body is going to feel like.

Post load and time to comments!

One thought on “WOD for 14 MAR 2016

  1. That workout was heinous! Did 40-43 reps at 115 on the bench (don’t know the exact reps since Pope lost count, lol). Then got through 12s and 9s at the RX weight and I have the lump on my head to prove it. lol

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