WOD for 21 MAR 2016

0500 and 1130 at Fredericks Gym

For those of you who still need to or want to do 16.4 we will be conducting that. I, for one, am not doing that again. I am still wrecked!

I will be doing the 12,9,6,3 of SDHPs though to try and figure out a plan for it.


For everyone else we are going to knock out some Festivus Prep

  1. 25 to Life

25 wall ball 20/14

25 Air squat

25 HR Pushups

25 Dus or (50) Sus

25 Am KBS 53/35

25 DU or 50 SU

25HR Pushups

25 Air Squat

25 Wall Ball 20/14


Wait 20 minutes


2. Beyond Thrusterdome

1 RM thruster in 6 minutes


One more week of the Open and then it is on to a 6 month strength cycle! It is going to be glorious!!

7 thoughts on “WOD for 21 MAR 2016

  1. Did it in 6:36. Had a good solid pace. Did everything unbroken except the HR pushups and two flubs on the single unders.

  2. Did not I repeat I did not do 16.4, but I did 25 to life in 9:36 might need to slowly speed up and not come out swinging like I did today. I think Cliff and I are still sore from 16.4 lol.

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