WOD for 22 MAR

0500 and 1130 at Fredericks Gym


Oh Today we are doing… FRAN’S FAT COUSIN!

Fran’s Fat Cousin:


Thrusters 135/95 (Scale as needed)

Bar Muscle Ups (Scale as needed)

Buy Out 10 Strict HSPUs


Cliff be like:


So here is the kicker. You want to go fast?? Great but everything has to be done to where it ends on a multiple of 3. So if you start a movement you have to do at least 3 of that movement or…you restart at the beginning of the movement. Oh yeah, thats right.

So there will be no singles on this and everyone should be resting on multiples of 3. So no one should be chilling out 5 reps in or they will have to restart the movement. So plan it out and before you keep on trucking do the mental math and determine if you have 3 more reps in you.

I for one am going for everything unbroken!! Hhaha yeah right.

Intent: to develop the skills and willpower to be able to hold on to the bar even under pretty serious fatigue.

Intent #2: Don’t hurt yourselves! Use sense on this stop earlier rather than latter so you don’t add an a bunch more reps.

intent #3: Have Fun!!!

And yes I am predicting Thrusters for open 16.5. This should be  good warmup for that!


—————Festivus Gamers——————–

You can either knock out the above or

The Floater followed by the Happy Hour at the Bar.


I know you may need a break from Festivus Prep and you may be sore so do which ever one suits you!



4 thoughts on “WOD for 22 MAR

  1. Hahahaa. I did Fran’s Fat Cousin in 7:11 or something like that. Almost missed muscle up number 9 on the set of 9s. That would have sucked. And I forgot about the HSPUs.

  2. I finished the 20 cal row in 41 seconds and I did 41 reps of 110.

    I completed happy hour at the bar and had 15 seconds (longest and hardest burpe ever)left and in that time I did 1 burpe over the bar, I was so happy to finish the work out I forgot to do burpees lol.

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