Team WOD for 23 MAR 2016

0500 and 1130 at Fredericks Gym


Today is all about camaraderie and shared suffering. Figure after yesterday we would lay off the weight a little bit and do a good old fashioned Team WOD. Here it is:

Row 6k (One at a time)

1 Mile buddy run (stay within arms reach)

300 double unders (One athlete at a time) Single unders are x2. So that would be 600 SUs if you and your partner did singles.


Intent is to develop some range on our singular aspect cardio workouts. When you row it should be fast not hanging out for 2k meters nope. You should be burning it down in 500 to 1000 meter chunks as fast as is feasible. With the run just live through it. With the double unders the intent is to do double unders when your heart rate is already pretty fast. I usually practice double unders at a resting heart rate and then they tend to fall apart a little bit when my heart rate is up. So this workout is here to address that!!

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