Recovery Day for 24 MAR 2016

Happy Birthday BEANIE!!!

It is my daughters 6th B-Day!! Wowzers!

Here she is:

023 (2).JPG

That was her when she was 2 or 3…she likes to party.


Joe graciously offered up Crossfit Metanoia on Friday at 5:30 P.M. for us to do 16.5. It would largely be us in there beasting out on this final WOD. Let me know if this time works for you in the comments so I can plan on who all will be there.

If you can’t make it on Friday, Fredericks will be back open on Monday and message me on here to coordinate to have a judge there. I may or may not redo it on Monday so let me know what your plans are so I can plan appropriately.


Ok back to business.

Recovery day is NOT skip the gym and eat cheetos day. It is a day to roll out, mobilize, and develop skills.

Want to learn how to do muscle ups? Today is the day.

Handstand Pushups? Today is the day

Row properly? Today is the day

Make bad decisions right before 16.5? Today is the day.


So come on in same time and same place and get your recovery on!!!


5 thoughts on “Recovery Day for 24 MAR 2016

  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! She is adorbz!
    Also, would anyone be able to grade me at tucker tmrw in the morning or lunchtime?
    I really would like to knock this out before I head out to charlotte. I will prob be hungover monday…
    meh #firstworldproblems.

  2. Haha let me ask around and see if anyone is available! I may be though but let me check. Give me a time as well and I will let whoever it is know.

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