WOD for 01 APR 2016

0500 and 1130 at Fredericks Gym


The workout today is short and sweet.

It is 16.5.


Thruster 95/65

Bar Over Burpees.








The strength portion for today is:

Snatch 2 @ 50%, 3 @ 60%, 3 @ 70%, 2 x 3 @ 75%, 2 x 2 @ 80%

Push Press 5RM; 4 x 5 @ 90% of 5RM

Barbell Row 5 x 8


METCON/Festivus prep for today is:

EMOM x 12

Odd Minutes: Row 15 CAL

Even Minutes: Bench Press 10 reps at 135/95 (Scale as needed)


-Work no longer than 45 seconds so you can transition in the appropriate time.

-Use a weight that is manageable for your first set of ten on the bench presses. This workout is designed to get more difficult as it goes, not start off super difficult.


Probably going to be pretty sore after this one…



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