Skills Development day for 06 APR 2016

The 16.5 Video is FINALLY HERE!!!!

What a great way to end an Open Season CF89! Another Open down and 46 weeks to go to the next open! Set some goals and work like mad towards them!!!



Side Note: I am teaching a concealed carry class this Saturday for 50 dollars. Let me know if you are interested.


Today we will developing skills and doing recovery at 1130 at Fredericks Gym.

Schedule permitting Dave will be teaching us about Scaling, Progression, and Safety as well.

Make sure you show up and work on something you are not good at.

I will be working on Pistol Squats and Handstand Holds.

Choose from this list of things you need to develop in order to ensure you maximizing your fitness potential.

-Single/Double Unders

-Pull Ups (Strict and Kipping)

-Full Range of Motion Squats

-Hand Stand Push Ups



-Muscle Ups (Bar and Rings)

-etc etc

Work on one or two at a time until they are legit (may take a few months) and then move onto the next skill. If you are having trouble with them make sure you have a coach work on them with you but truth be told, after that, you are just going to have to spend the time and sweat to get it. It took me ten months to get Double Unders down and 4 months to get Handstand Walks down. Crap didn’t come naturally but don’t get discouraged.

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