Updates for 09 APR 2016

I am hosting a Concealed Carry Course tomorrow at 8am till 4 PM. If you are interested shoot me a text and if you don’t have my number it is 615 390 4031. Cost is 50 dollars.

Crossfit Metanoia always hosts a Saturday Community WOD at 10 AM and it is usually a ton of fun. Get out and see some other folks from the CF community and see how a CF class is actually supposed to be run. Haha

Next Saturday is the Festivus Games. It is a four day weekend for most of us so make sure you come out and support our athletes!!!

Also make sure you are actively recruiting in your work place! CF89 has grown exponentially lately and it is largely due to the efforts of you! (Except Cruz. Cruz you actually have probably decreased our potential membership so you are excluded from this comment but your effort is noted.) The more membership we have the more influence we can work with when we approach the MWR about things. Here soon I am going to request some space for us at 1130 since it sucks having 12 people working out all over the gym and it makes coaching very difficult. I would say there is a solid 5% chance it will be approved but hey we gotta try, and if we come to it from the angle of we have 30+ people doing this who knows they may even hire some CF-L1 staff to help coach (highly doubtful) but one can hope!

And finally I am going to do another run on T-Shirts here soon. They should be cheaper than last time but I have yet to get a quote. One of you remind me to talk about it on Monday so we can order some shirts.

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