WOD for 25 APR 2016

0500 and 1130 at Fredericks Gym

Soooo we are going to shift our programming to a program ran and developed by Julie Foucher. If you don’t know who she is then check out her website at: http://juliefoucher.com/

She is a beast and exemplifies a CrossFit athlete as she can do everything really really well.

This is going to add a high degree of structure and intensity to our daily program. So come in ready to work. There are warm ups and cool downs with METCONs, skills, and strength. So you are getting the full package here. We are going to have to prioritize certain sections of the program due to the nature of the environment where we beast, as well as time constraints. The focus though will be building general physical preparedness (GPP.) I will still post the strength workouts from the previous program and by all means do them if you have the time or will but as a group we will be doing and focusing on this as I feel it better fits the needs of the group.

We also will be adding structure and predictability to our coaching scheme (at least I hope we will with all of our schedules constantly being chaotic.) The intent here will be to better prepare the soon to be L1s for their course as well as developing anyone who wants to coach in the future. So what will this look like? I will let you know after we have a coaches meeting in this upcoming week.

Also Julie’s program has rest days on Monday and Thursday. That doesn’t jive with our schedules in the army so we will switch them to Sunday and Thursday (sorry.) If anyone feels like this is a lot of changes and is hectic we will be offering a one time refund of your membership costs upon request. Ha!!!

It is certainly going to take us a week or two to figure out the flow and to figure out how much of each we can prioritize but the program is set up to be 1 hour a day and we are going to try and do as much as we can.


Here is day one: Be super excited!


Warm Up

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 mins of:

20 Lateral Step-downs

10 Box Jumps

10 Shoulder Taps

10 Push-ups



Spend 15 minutes working on Muscle Ups




Kettlebell Walking Lunge, 70/53 lbs, 40 ft

15 Goblet Squats, 70/53 lbs


Cool Down:

Pigeon Stretch, 2 mins

Instep Stretch, 2 mins

Kneeling Shoulder Stretch, 2 mins

Forward Fold w/ Shoulder Ext, 2 mins


3 thoughts on “WOD for 25 APR 2016

  1. So I checked the programming and I think it was supposed to be 1 (ONE!!) 70# kettlebell. Oops. Either way we knocked it out and no one died.

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