News for 05 MAY 2016

So today is a recovery day for the 1130 crew but the 0500 and crew should be beasting.

Congrats to everyone who did Fran today and the 1K row! Had several massive PRs and some big benchmark achievements. Joey killed Fran with a 7 something minute time, Cliff did Fran for the first time RX (an achievement by itself) Colin did it is the 10:30 time frame for his first taste and the ladies did great as well! That is a tough burner workout and a great benchmark WOD. We do it in another 6 month we should see people smashing their previous times!

As most of you know Whitney is leaving us for the Arctic next week. She will be teaching ROTC Cadets the definition of pain up North. With that we want to say bye so everyone who is available at lunch today (Thursday) to attend Whitney’s going away luncheon is welcome to attend. We are eating at Zoe’s Kitchen which is located right outside the Cross Creek Mall next to Starbucks. I am going to get there a little early to get some tables as office mates are attending as well. I am going to try and convince her to choose a WOD and we will all do it lunchtime Friday but that depends on her schedule.

Also we have a potential class opening up as early as next Monday with a coach at 5ish PM (depends on when is the best time but around 5) the incoming Coach’s name is Andre and he has tons of CF experience. If you or someone you know would rather workout in the afternoon let me know so I can coordinate with Andre for link up. This is also a key selling point for people who can’t beast at lunch or 0500 so be sure to let them know we will soon have an afternoon class.

Have a great day and make sure you spend some time rolling out and stretching. I am sure all of us need it!

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