WOD for 09 MAY 2016

1130 and 1630 at Fredericks Gym

Announcement: The 0500 class will not meet for Monday and Tuesday.

The 1630 class starts on Monday. If you know anyone who can’t make our usual times but can make that time let them know!! You are looking for Andre and he looks like this:


Andre is also going to take over management of the FaceBook group so be sure to take pistures and videos during the workouts and post them to the Facebook page. This will help bring awareness to our group and spread the word of CF89 throughout Fort Bragg.

One of our own is leaving us forever and here is her going away picture (note the kettlebell in the plaque) Whitney you will be sorely missed.


But with that we also have gained one member! Cliff’s wife had their baby and yes Cliff is keeping it classy in his CF89 shirt! Look at that happy Pappa!


I expect to see that baby in the gym on Monday.


Ok onto Business:



4 rounds,

20 secs per station, of:

Double Under Rest 10 secs

Straight Arm High Pull Rest 10 secs

Kettlebell Swing (Russian) Rest 10 secs

Straight Arm High Pull Rest 10 secs



15 Minutes of Hand Stand practice



3 rounds for time of:

50 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs

10 Squat Snatches, 135/95 lbs

20 MIN time cap

(I puked a little when I read this)


Cool Down:

For time:

Lat/Tri Smash, 2 mins

Shoulder Mobility, 2 mins

Pancake Stretch, 1 min

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