WOD for 14 MAY 2016

There will be no formal classes today hosted by Crossfit 89 but I do encourage those of you who want to get jacked and tanned to go to one of the community WODs hosted around Fayettenam.

Crossfit Metanoia hosts a free to the community WOD at 1000 and they are located on Pamalee road after the bridge if you are coming from the Walmart on Skibo.

Contact Nick if you want information on Crossfit Ferus’s saturday festivities.


If you want to Julie’s program at Frederick or Tucker the workout is:

Warm up:

3 rounds, 45 secs per station, of:

Wall Plank Rest 15 secs

Double Under Rest 15 secs

Burpee Broad Jump Rest 15 secs



EMOM x 10 HSPUs (You choose the #)



Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:

Sled Push, 90/70 lbs, 25 yd

15 Ball Slams, 30/20 lbs

Sled Push, 90/70 lbs, 25 yd

12 Box Jumps, 30/24 in


Cool down:

Run, 400 m

Couch Stretch, 2 mins

Instep Stretch, 2 mins

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