WOD for 31 MAY 2016

0500, 1130, and 1630 at Fredericks Gym

First off check out this photo of our AM crew doing Murph on Monday:


That clearly must have been before the workout as Cliff and I looked a lot like roadkill after ours.


On to business:

Julie is going to be programming quite a bit of running and rowing for the next couple weeks. This is to establish benchmarks for the events as well as build aerobic conditioning. Now for those of you who didn’t just throw a brick through you computer screens know that this progression is only for 2 weeks and then we get back to what we do best. Pick heavy things up and put them back down. Here is the work:

Warm Up:

Ankle Mobility, 1:00 per side

Rowing Warm-up

2 Rounds of:

7 Strokes of Each:

Hips Only

Hips and Arms

1/2 Slide Legs Only

1/2 Slide Legs and Hips

1/2 Slide Legs, Hips, and Arms

Full Slide Legs Only

Full Slide Legs and Hips

Full Slide Legs, Hips, and Arms

Then Row 500m



5-10 minutes

3 reps of each movement: muscle clean, front squat, high hang squat clean, hang squat clean, squat clean, jerk

5-10 minutes work up to a heavy Hang Squat Clean & Jerk 1 Rep



5 rounds for time of:

Row, 250 m

3 Squat Cleans, 75% 1RM


Skills (optional):

3 minutes max pull ups


Cool Down:

Weighted forward folds


Let us become beasts folks.


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