Recovery Day for 02 JUN 2016

Today is a recovery day. Come in and get your skill work on. You should be working on something today not just hanging out eating mozzarella sticks and drinking beer. Having a time to dedicate towards a particular skill is incredibly important as Osipa can attest to. Osipa knocked out some strict as well as kipping pull ups yesterday and that is a massive goal reached for her. She did it by constantly working on them for about a month! So be sure to congratulate her if you see her.

On a similar note we figured out somethings about people this week that I suspected but I was just waiting for them to manifest themselves.

Item one: Brittany and Ryan are both pretty danged strong for having been doing Crossfit for as long as they have. Both had massive PRs in the clean in jerks on Tuesday and it was quite impressive. With some work we have some serious lifters in the making here.

Item two: Osipa is fast! Osipa ran her 400 meters (on a terrible route) in 1:32. That is barely over a 6 min mile pace and with the route being as bad as it is I am sure she could do it at least ten seconds faster!

Item three: Lindsay is a really good rower. She was clocking great times on everyone of her 250 meter sprints during the WOD Tuesday. She was hitting times that I would have been jealous of for my first 6-10 months of doing Crossfit. So much for “just getting back into it” she is beasting already.

Item four: Nick is back. Nick has maybe not quite yet but dang near quite certainly back to his manimal ways. I was going pretty much as hard as I could on Tuesday’s WOD and couldn’t keep up. Use Nick as  a fixed point to aspire too in both technique and drive folks.

Item five: Collin goes hard. Collin gives it all hes got on the WODs. Take note folks. That is how you get good fast and Collin is getting good fast.


I’ll try and highlight any other big improvements or achieved goals going forward. The key to hitting goals though is too…have them. So don’t neglect the recovery day!!!

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