WOD for 03 JUN 2016

0500, 1130, and 1630


Let us finish this week with a couple of legit METCONs! This week was really a good one it seemed like a lot of people hit their groove and really did well. That bodes well for our future of developing elite military athletes.

Next week I am going to be taking up money to get some more t shirts. Give me your size and what type you want plus 20 dollars and we will make it happen. I need at least 20 orders or so to make it economical or else the shirts will be super expensive.


Warm Up:

Dynamic Warm-up

10 ea Lateral Step Down

10 ea Plyobox Knee Drive

10 ea Plyobox SL Pick-ups

10 ea Plyobox pushoff



Every 4 mins for 20 mins do:

5 Deadlifts, 225/185 lbs

7 Box Jumps, 30/24 in

Run, 200 m



Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 mins of:

3 Muscle-ups

6 Handstand Push-ups

9 Toes-to-bars


Cool Down:

Couch Stretch 1 min ea

Pigeon 1 min ea

Pancake 1 min


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