WOD for 6 Jun 



Remember that today and all this week CrossFit 89 is hosting an “Intro to CrossFit” class during lunch. This class is for you and your friends if:


– You or your friends want to try CrossFit in a safe environment, from coaches with 6+ years of CrossFit coaching experience. 


– You or your friends have tried CrossFit-style workouts before, but you’d like some help with technique.


–  You want to join the largest and fastest growing fitness program in the history of the world. 


For our regular CF89 folks, today we are going to get in touch with our Powerlifting roots.  

1. Warm up/Mobility

2x sets of 40′ skips

Then 40′ of:

Frankenstein kicks

Deep lunge (elbow touches ground of same leg)

Inch worms

Bear crawl

Side lunge 


2. AMRAP in 12 minutes

5 bench press (155/105lbs)

200m run 

5 bench press (165/115)

200m run

5 bench press (175/125)

Etc etc for 12 minutes 


3. Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes 

3 back squats at roughly the same weight for each set. 


4. Cool down

Couch stretch 1 minute

Cheat stretch 1 minute 

Foam roll: Quad, IT Band, calf, hamstring. 3 minutes each side. 


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