WOD for 08 JUN 2016

0500, 1130, and 1630 at Fredericks Gym!

The intro course goes on! Here are a few pictures of the pursuit of fitness excellence today:


Look at Lisa cheesing  at the camera!!

Lindsay and Osipa learning the strict press!


Lindsay and Osipa doing the METCON.


Thanks Joey for the great action photos!!!


Warm Up:

Dynamic Warm-up 40ft ea mvmt

Dynamic Running Warm-up 40ft ea mvmt

20 Prone Dislocates

20 Prone Behind-the-Neck Press w/ PVC

20 Pushups

20 HS Shoulder Taps



Every 1:30 for 15 mins do:

Sled Push, 90/70 lbs, 100 yd

*90#s added to the sled!

(Ha Good luck with this! I’m glad I am teaching the Intro course…)

Cliffs face be like:




Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 mins of:

20 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs

15 Pull-ups

(Wow! again. Just WOW! You guys are going to probably die.)

My predictions for Collin post WOD:



Cool Down:

Shoulder/lat Smash 2 min ea

Couch Stretch 1 min ea

In-step Stretch 1 min ea

Frog Stretch 1 min



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