WOD for 14 SEP 2016

0500 and 1130 at the usual.

Well I don’t know about you but I am pretty stiff right now and if the level of stiff I am is any indication of the level of sore I will be tomorrow then tomorrow is gonna be rough.


Here are the OPs:

Warm Up:

Row Calories, 1 min

Handstand Hold, 1 min

Jumping Squat, 1 min

Push-up, 1 min

Double Under, 1 min



5 Back Squats, pick load

Every 2 mins for 10 mins.


WOD 1:

Every 3min x 5:

Row 250m (all out effort)

Max unbroken muscle-ups

***remaining amount of time in the 3 minutes is a rest.


WOD 2:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 mins of:

Handstand Walk, 40 ft

10 Pistols

(Yeah about that…)

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