WOD for 12 JAN 2017

0500 and 1140ish at the Fred

If you are a CFL1 and want coaching experience please contact us. We offer no salary, no benefits, no retirement but lots of hugs.


So first things first,

The yearly payment for the website is coming up. It is 100 dollars total and if anyone wants to throw ten dollars for it, it would certainly help out.





Third thing…

It is time for our yearly horrific team workout!


Team WOD!

Grab a person of similar size.

One athlete working at a time!!!



Farmers Carry x 4 laps   70/53 each hand (Each athlete does 2 laps, that is down and back=2 laps)

Firemans Carry x 4 laps (Each athlete does 2 laps)

20 x KB deadlift with 140/106 (Each partner will do 10 each round)

Prowler push w/ heavy weight x 2 laps (Each athlete does one lap)

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