WOD for 06 March 2017

0500 and 1140ish at the Fred!!!


If you haven’t knocked out 17.2 yet go ahead and do that!

For everyone else…wait a second…what is that sound!!!???



That’s RIGHT!!!

It is my going away workout today at lunch!

It was written by the one and only Carlton Brown so send hate mail and hospital bills his way!


Here is the Mayhem:

7 rounds for time (7 for number of years served):


9 Thrusters 75/55   (For entering the army in September)

11 Box Jumps 24/20  (For first MOS of 11b)

37 Double Unders  (For second MOS 37F)

3 Deadlifts 242/155 (For 3 years in the S-3 and for leaving in March)


Oh yeah! That is a ton of stuff!

Come out and say a final goodbye if you are available as this should be my last WOD with CrossFit 89!

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