Open 2017

“The Open”

I hope everyone has enjoyed this year’s Open as much as I have. This has to be the most exciting time of year to be a CrossFitter.

When you look back at this year’s Open I want all of you to not focus on the leaderboard, times, reps, scaled, RX, winning or losing. I want you to think about the fun you had watching the reveal show in excitement every Thursday in anticipation of what was about to come out. The “suck” we all enjoyed together at the gym getting these workouts done and truly coming together as a family.

The Open is the ultimate opportunity to look at yourself and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once you’ve done that, talk to your coaches and work with them to develop a plan for improving your strengths and turning your weaknesses into strengths. Our programming will be making a few tweaks in the next few weeks as we transition from Coach Aaron’s programming to Coach James and Coach Andre’s programming. Our goal is to help everyone improve and please communicate with us your goals so we can assist you in achieving them.

Looking forward to the future and Stay Strong CrossFit 89 team.

Coach James

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