1)ALT EMOM for time
EVEN MINUTES-:30 Row for max meters

RX HSPU complete until 55reps or 1,000m of rowing have been accomplished
Scaled X 5 rounds of each for max effort. Sub HSPU Negatives or Wall Walks

2) 8:00 AMRAP
8 reps of KB Swings
8 reps of KB SDHP
8 reps of Goblet Squats
20 yard R arm OH Carry
20 yard L arm OH Carry

RX 53/35
Scaled Use lighter KB

3) Core Cashout:
100 Flutter Kicks
25 Hanging Knee Raises ( Strict if possible)
25 Straight Leg Raises ( sub V-ups )
Accumulate 1:00 L Sit

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