Movement Focus:
Hang Power Snatch
Concentrate on the shoulders being over the toes in the Hang position, squeezing your shoulders back and the chest up. This will provide you with a good start position for a powerful pull.
In your catch position, focus on landing firmly underneath bar in a partial squat, rather than dipping underneath the bar. This will help you create a solid catch.

Empty bar snatch warm up
3 Rounds- All from hang
5 Snatch high pulls (keep elbows high, don’t lean back)
5 Muscle Snatch (keeping the bar close, high elbows)
5 Power Snatch
5 Deep Power Snatch

6X3 Hang Power Snatch@75/80% of Power Snatch from the floor
(Rest 2minutes between sets)

Back Squat 4X3@80/85%
(Rest 3minutes between sets)

Finish with:

50 OH Step Out Lunges for time 42.5/30kg

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