CF89 Coaches


“William James”

Head Coach / Affiliate Manager

james tired pic

CrossFit Level 1 since July 2014

CrossFit Level 2 March 2016

William is currently leading the 0500 group and loves to find ways to fit all fitness levels into each and every workout and get everyone to maximize their workouts. He has been coaching for three years and comes to us from Overlord CrossFit, a military affiliate in Wiesbaden Germany.

William is married with two children.

“Andre Shinda”

Coach and Lead Programmer

image1 (2).JPG

Originally from the great state of California, Andre is a former Division 1 collegiate football athlete and 2x All-American Boxer and 2 x winner of the Best Rakkasans Competition. Andre has 3 years of Crossfit experience and a CF-L1 Trainer as of May 2016.

Coach / Currently deployed and is looking forward to being back with us soon.


CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Football Certification
CrossFit Rower Trainer
Olympic Lifting Summit with Olympian Sarah Robles

Nick is husband to an amazing wife, and father of three kids. He is the founder and former head coach of CrossFit Chaparral,  a large community of wonderful CrossFitters in Scottsdale, AZ.  
Join us in the pursuit of our genetic potential!



Crossfit Level 1 since JUL 2015.

USAW Certified Coach since JUL 2016 taught by Glenn Pendlay

Aaron is currently running Crossfit Lebanon.

Aaron is a husband to an amazing wife, and father of three children. Aaron likes conducting, “Blaze Ops, Beast Ops, Feast Ops and Flop Ops.”

2 thoughts on “CF89 Coaches

  1. I am interested in helping out, I helped run an affiliate in Germany and have some coaching experience. Also, when do you plan on doing the Open Workouts?

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